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tv   News 4 Today  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:30am-7:00am PST

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iitn thwi sripitu aalutrihoty .tey:rr se.ur grgeoe:o, s bthroerureasn re local indian colony is the recipient of a $1.3 million grant. we tell you what they plan to do with the money, in a couple of minutes. winter storm is coming our way. wins, rain and snow are in the forecast. i will break it down for you. the stories and more coming up on february 17, 2016. you are watching "news4 today"," on your side in high definition. good wednesday morning and welcome to the last "news4 today"."
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>> i'm bill frankmore. we will get you going on this 17th day of february. they say christmas is over, valentine's day is over and now, time for spring break. >> sent patty's day -- you know what i mean -- we are ready for sunshine. temperatures in the 70s on yesterday and things will change in a hurry. we will get you the forecast in a bit. we now know that there was a deadly stabbing and reno. sparks police originally -- initially rescued -- arrested michael robinson for driving a stolen vehicle. they learned he may have stabbed a man in reno and they checked an apartment in south reno find patrick dahos dead. robbins ultimately admitted to the murder, but there are no outstanding suspects. the carson city sheriff's office is asking for help
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deanna byers was last seen when she was released from the carson city jail in july 2015. she is described as an hispanic woman that is 40 years old and approximately 5-foot 3 inches tall, weigh 130 pounds. she has brown hairnd eyes and has the word june tattooed on the right side of her neck. please contact deputy jared adams in the numbers on your screen, 283-7854. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz will make several stops in northern nevada next week starting on monday night. he will hold a rally at the boys and girls club near reno high school in the event begins at 7:00. it will and about 10:00 and you can see ted cruz is full schedule and how to get tickets at our website, jeb bush will make a campaign stop in reno. he will host a town hall
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the doors open at 5:00. the event starts at 6:00 p.m. and is open to the public. space is tight. donald trump will be in nevada. he will hold a rally at the nugget casino in the rose ballroom next tuesday in sparks. doors open at 10:00 a.m. and the event kicks off at noon. it is free to the public and on a first-come, first-served basis. with the nevada caucus coming up, go to our website for more information. find the specific locations at an annual grant by the federal government is helping native american tribes across our state. in northern nevada, the reno-sparks colony is benefiting from the money. alex cannito is live with the impact on the housing developments. >>reporter: like you said, this is an annual grant given by the u.s. department of housing and
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they are giving out 50 million -- $15 million to indian tribes and event -- that will go right to the reno-sparks colony to help with housing. it is the 80th anniversary for when the federal government first gave them the land they are on in reno-sparks. since then, they have expanded and they have roughly 150 households. they have -- i'm sorry -- they have land in hungry valley and they had nearly 2000 acres and 160 houses. plus, nearly 70 rental units. the spokesperson said unlike most american households, native american tribes typically have multi generational housing and the housing department is working so that the money will help to improve that. go to our website at
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for more information. live, alex cannito. back to you. coming up, we check with an hp to find out what you can expect on your morning commute. i imagine some winds, looking at that camera shot. stay with us. "news4 today" we will be right back. for her "experience, leadership, tenacity," the las vegas sun endorses hillary clinton. just like planned parenthood action fund endorses clinton for her fortitude keeping government out of women's personal healthcare decisions. and the league of conservation voters action fund... for her bold plan to attack climate change. or the human rights campaign... because hillary believes only love should decide which two people can marry. not just a progressive. a progressive who gets results. i'm hillary clinton,
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welcome back. we will go to tim studebaker and things are really changing. we have the approach of the winter storm and the winds are picking up across the area. look for winds out of the southwest at 25-30, gusting up to 70 in wind prone areas. temperatures are not the bigger part of the story.
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windy conditions and rain later today. nevada, and snow in the upper let's break it down for you. wins are southwest, 25-30 and the ridges could gust as high as 105. the ridges will be strong with to 45 west ridge gusting up to 115 during the nighttime hours. snow starts in the highest elevation with rain below 7000 feet. then, changing to snow as the snow level drops. in the valley, the winds are southwest at 25-35 and gusting up to 60. wind prone areas could gust up to 70 and the winds will be back in the southwest, gusting up to 45. rain showers arrive in the evening for lower elevations of
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morning, the rain showers could change to snow showers as the snow level reaches the valley floor. not much accumulation on the valley floor, but the higher totals as you go up in the sierra. about 6000 in tahoe and 4-10 in the upper foothills. north valley, 1-3 and valley floors, 0-1. mostly a wind event. more coverage coming up in full weather. back to you. let's see how the windy morning commute is doing. trooper duncan dauber is here. >>reporter: good windy wednesday. the temperatures, are good. very windy and prohibited conditions between mount rose high and bowers. washoe valley, use caution while traveling. we are going to a reported ladder in the road, at mile marker 11. with these wins, if you are hauling something, whatever you may have, your van or the back of your truck, it is your responsibility to make sure it
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the dot upgraded the wind monitoring system through washoe valley yesterday. new signage is coming up in the valley. due to the wind speed, we have white and black signs with flashing yellow lights. if they are illuminated and you are driving a high profile vehicle, they designate what traveling you should be in. if you are southbound during the high winds, you should be in the fast lane and northbound, in the slow lane. this is a safety issue and the worst case scenario, if you rollover, you will not roll onto another vehicle when they pass you. pay attention and be cautious with the wind. keep your seat else on and cell phones off. be safe and take care. back to you. >> thank you very much. the debate over personal privacy and national security is a big one. a recent order is showing that apple is causing major waves.
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government wants apple to do. [bells ringing] that has been a good recon wall street, so so far. can we keep the momentum going? back above 16,000 and the dow is up 124 points -- 125 points. there are stories making financial headlines this morning. foreign holdings of u.s. treasury securities rose in december with a record high, despite cutbacks by china and japan. the two biggest owners of foreign currency debt are by increases in caribbean banking centers that boosted holdings by 4.5%.
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say that the government should do more to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis. a key role was played in ending the crisis in 2008 and the government should consider whether the nation's biggest banks need to be broken up because of an ongoing economic risk. a judge has ruled that apple must help the fbi break into the iphone once used by accused san bernardino massacre shooting suspect, syed farook. the phone was provided to him by his former employer, the san bernardino county health department. officials have given consent to search the phone and apple ceo tim cook said his company will fight the order. he argued that such a move would undermine encryption by creating a backdoor that could be used on future devices. a magistrate's ruling was a significant victory for the justice department. and a debate regarding digital
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on wednesday, let's toss it over to tim and at the forecast. we have a winter storm on the way into the area for the day today with increasing winds picking up across much of the area and we will see strong, gusty winds for the day. by this afternoon, rain and elevation will show 7000 feet. by this evening, rain is spilling over into parts of western nevada and by tomorrow morning, snow showers come to the valley floor and watch for that for tomorrow morning's commute. 54 and partly cloudy skies with 16 mile-per-hour winds and 31% humidity. temperatures are in the 30s, 40s and 50s with a mild start. mile stretch of temperatures and the bigger part of the story is going to be the arriving winter storm.
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and cloud cover is already out there. moisture is arriving into the sierra and it will pick up into the afternoon. a few showers are out there, early this morning. by this afternoon, we will see showers and snow showers and by this evening, we pick up snow in the mountains and significant numbers. 10-24 the highest elevations and 0-1 for the valley locations. for the valley floor, it is the wind and rain shower event. some snow showers are possible into tomorrow morning. he will take a closer look on "mornings on fox 11", if you missed them earlier. a winter storm warning is in effect for tahoe and the rest of the sierra, above 7000 feet he will get 10-20 inches and some winds. above 6000, 4-10 and above 7000, 10 inches of snow and gusty winds, gusting up to 50 miles or so.
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storm today and into tomorrow and mostly evening and into the overnight hours. by thursday, things should quiet down and we will see quiet weather into the weekend. we have wins around during today and moisture arriving later today and into the afternoon and evening. it will let up by tomorrow afternoon, returning to a quiet pattern toward the weekend. snow levels by tomorrow on the valley floor. in the international use -- news, clive and bundy remains in oregon jails after a judge denied bail. the court order remained -- ordered him remain -- ordered him to remain behind bars because he is a flight risk. he led 400 armed supporters in a face off over grazing rights
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off. and he was arrested in oregon last week where he flew to support his sons in a separate standoff at a wildlife refuge. he could spend the rest of his life in prison, if convicted. the fda has guidelines for keeping the zika virus out of the u.s. blood supply. agencies are asking people who recently traveled to affected countries to wait four weeks before donating blood. it applies to anyone who had sexual contact with those travelers. most people affected by zika don't show symptoms. the weight should be enough for the immune system to clear the virus. zika is spreading through latin america, central africa and southeast asia. china's foreign minister offend -- defended a necessary self-defense facility move that they made. julie bishop visited beijing and the foreign minister's held
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assert its maritime claims. like the u.s., he reiterated that australia does not take issue on sovereignty but urges all sides to maintain space and stability. she welcome the chinese president statement that china would not militarize the south china sea. a german city shut down and police raided the apartments of 12 members on suspicion of associations with islamic militants. the interior minister said that the islamic association was closely linked to a similar cultural organization after some of the members joined isis in syria. more than 220 officers participated in the raid, conference dating mobile phones, computers and memory cards. they said last month, the number of islamist militants returning to germany was on the rise and more than 400 were
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el chapo is complaining that life behind bars is rough on him. that is according to a report on the radio, yesterday. he said guards wake him up every two hours which feels like torture. he said he is getting so little sleep that he "feels like a zombie." escape from prison last year but is under much closer watch. mexican officials said they will eventually extradite him to the u.s. heavy delays in san francisco. check with the airline for your
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we will be back. good morning. we will send it to the "today show." a preview of what is coming up on "mornings on fox 11". rounds bakery is getting a new addition to the store in reno. we will explain what they are doing and an extra special treat for the adult customers. a reno mom blogger is here to tell you details about what
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a bank is delivering random acts of coffee. this is a cool story you will want to hear about. a lot more and five minutes. melissa, thank you. we will go to the "today show" on news 4 in a second. first, i hope you enjoyed yesterday because things are about to change. the winds are picking up across the area. that will continue to be the trend for the day and we are watching for the arrival of moisture in the western sierra. some shower activity is the first wave and it will pick up into the afternoon and evening hours. snow above 7000 feet and rain below. it will spill into western nevada with rain showers this evening and by tomorrow morning, as snow showers.
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tomorrow morning presidential candidates announcing more of their visits to nevada so you can see them in town in the next couple of days. plus millions of dollars of revenue coming into the state. we're going to tell you who the top spenders so far.


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